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Wendy spends very little time on advertising. A dedicated horsewoman, she is always working with horses and there is little time and very little resources to advertise and bring in clients. Wendy believes that when riders begin to ask the right questions after struggling with years of ideas and advice that isn't working, they will do a more detailed research for knowledge and eventually find her.

"Its not about the money; it is about the horse, and that is the bottom line. If I am constantly advertising and promoting myself, I will not be able to do my job and continue to help people and their horses with a level of expertise that everyone should expect from the person they pay to help them. I am here. I am willing to help you; all you need to do is make the phone call."

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced rider, it is very important to Wendy that each person leaves her clinics feeling happy and confident in the goals they have set for themselves. She has been blessed with all positive feedback and continues to offer her expertise and knowledge to help others. If you are truly determined in your desire to learn, Wendy will be right there with you encouraging you. She is very aware of the horse and the rider, and her observations offer unique and powerful insights that most people have never considered or realized, but it all makes sense and it is truly amazing how quickly the relationship between horse and rider changes and takes on a much higher skills level.


“As a spectator at Tanament Stables, I watched in amazement as Wendy helped a woman and her horse find common ground. Wendy has the unique ability to read both the horse and the rider and help them through what ever issues they are having. It was the most interesting and informative day I’ve had in 25 years of riding English. In truth, I never knew what I didn’t know until I listened to Wendy’s easy to understand information, and then watched her work. WOW!” Jennifer

'Wendy's Clinic's are amazing. When I watch the horses in the ring and Wendy is helping everyone her voice comes over the speaker system and it is so soothing. You can see the horses respond almost immediately, and so do the people riding - they really calm down and then everyone watching can see that they are able to do what Wendy is telling them without a kneejerk reaction that startles the horse. Everything looks smooth and relaxed and the people riding are glad because they actually 'get' what Wendy is trying to show them. Wendy always tells people that you have to show the horse that you are thinking in order for the horse to begin thinking, and when you watch her show people what she means it is really amazing'. Brian

"Thank you for putting on a very nice clinic and making the atmosphere friendly and relaxed so everybody could enjoy the learning!" Ethel

"I just wanted to let you know how much I really appreciated the opportunity to spend the weekend at your stable. I really learned a lot of valuable tools. I took my horse for a 3 mile ride yesterday and I was able to do well with all that you have shown me. My mom was so happy that I can ride my horse again...Sarah"

"We trust Wendy. Everything she does, she does for the good of the horse and the rider. If it takes all day and night to help somebody, Wendy will do it, she's that kind of person." Susan and Jeff



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